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...My thought for the day....

reconciliation of desires and reality is  a painful exercise.
There are things I want to say. Yet, the reality is those words will never be articulated.

certainly not a unique situation...

Look I understand too little too late I realize there are things you say and do You can never take back But what would you be if you didn't even try You have to try So after a lot of thought I'd like to reconsider Please If it's not too late Make it a cheeseburger.

lyle aside...there was a point to this..
i cant say much else...dont get lost in the song.

happy...content...Santa and the Easter bunny want to know...

Is relative?

is rare..

like seeing unicorns...

medically induced...??

is a chase....

should it be.?....


known.. understood


we make plans..they turn to dust.

we know shadows.


Days, projects, thoughts

not enough said
too much of the wrong thing


a picture

Image captured. ..given away.
The framed flower...only a ghost.
Much like everything  I see



super moon

one moon... 180°
light reflected

13.46 °


after a point ....light fades...all chance
....we are only particles...

maybe some other time


watching lights

long summer nights....bring out lightning bugs..

the illusion of time....a lifetime in each flash...

what to do??

certain times of the year have proven difficult for me to deal with...

in recent years... the month of July has proven to be a  low point for me.

i am wading in slowly ...and choosing my words carefully...

a one sided relationship??

i use them

.they mean everything...and then nothing
they dont care if scream, whisper or cry...
......they are all i have.
sometimes its better without them.
they haunt me.

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