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for a ghost

You needed to do some house cleaning ....

Some words never leave...


Beyond the horizon, behind the sun
At the end of the rainbow life has only begun
In the long hours of twilight 'neath the stardust above
Beyond the horizon it is easy to love

My wretched heart's pounding
I felt an angel's kiss
My memories are drowning
In mortal bliss

Beyond the horizon, in the Springtime or Fall
Love waits forever for one and for all

Beyond the horizon across the divide
'Round about midnight, we'll be on the same side
Down in the valley the water runs cold
Beyond the horizon someone prayed for your soul

I'm touched with desire
What don't I do?
I'll throw the logs on the fire
I'll build my world around you

Beyond the horizon, at the end of the game
Every step that you take, I'm walking the same

Beyond the horizon the night winds blow
The theme of a melody from many moons ago
The bells of St. Mary, how sweetly they chime
Beyond the horizon I found you just in time

It's dark and it's dreary
I ponder in vain
I'm weakened, I'm weary
My repentance is plain

Beyond the horizon o'er the treacherous sea
I still can't believe that you've set aside your love for me

Beyond the horizon, 'neath crimson skies
In the soft light of morning I'll follow you with my eyes
Through countries and kingdoms and temples of stone
Beyond the horizon right down to the bone

It's late in the season
Never knew, never cared
Whatever the reason
Someone's life has been spared

Beyond the horizon the sky is so blue
I've got more than a lifetime to live lovin' you


an acceptance that a statement is true or that something exists.
"his belief in the value of hard work"
something one accepts as true or real; a firmly held opinion or conviction.
"contrary to popular belief, Aramaic is a living language"
synonyms: opinion, view, conviction, judgment, thinking, way of thinking, idea, impression, theory, conclusion, notion
"it's my belief that age is irrelevant"
a religious conviction.
"Christian beliefs"
synonyms: ideology, principle, ethic, tenet, canon; More
trust, faith, or confidence in som
eone or something.
"a belief in democratic politics"

Why do humans get hung up on this word?
Beliefs are perceptions...
How fact filled are your perceptions?


Beliefs..are usually silly, unless there is evidence...then they wouldn't be beliefs, I suppose. I will debate...but it rarely nets any benefit...opinions are a meaningless dance...
Look at me....I can type!
We all hold onto quirks...and wear them them like medals earned ...
Hairshirts worn for everyone to see...

Listen to me.......yawn

I detest narrow minded views on gender rolls in society....
We do what we have to do to survive...ideals are bullshit....advice from those who haven't the same.

learn to swim before you try and teach someone else...

What you know is wrong...

Its IneVitable....stupiD hAppens


Never as it seems...

layers unfold...

sent and not

heard and not..

i want too much

...alone... Watching an extended sunset

a cold wind cuts through me

i can only deal with tangibles...

i dont read minds.



Maybe, there is time after all?

This time will be different....

why not?

wishful thinking and serious flaws in my working memory?
i think another beer is required..

me? What did i do to deserve this?

but, i want it?


What do you choose to read? 
what insight do you hope to gain?
is it a light hearted comedy you seek?
does a mystery peek your curiosity?

why are you reading these words?

2 glasses of wine

What would you say?

what are your eyes saying?


What if ....???

there was an extra step...
Eyes met?


I will!!!

one week


maybe i can move on..


Wine is wisdom.

i want to know. I dare not ask.


What do you teach students who in  matter of time will be working in fields that are not in existence today?

is knowing how you learn the most important thing...rather than a given body of knowledge?

if we know how we learn and can self assess along the way...we can make more informed decisions about where to focus our energies....

the self assessment is the scary part....we have to know how we tick...


in some corners of the world...students have to be cajoled to learn.....
in another region...elementary age students work in a field for 7 hours...then go to school....and are thrilled to do so...

some things are so taken for granted.
nothing is guaranteed.... Take the opportunities as they present.



A time to think...


It would be good if the silence continued. I could perhaps turn the page.

I ramble

OK, tell me again ....who you are and why we are having a conversation???

i must have made a wrong turn somewhere...

who knows?

Knowing you can google something....

the new intellectual standard....



We are , curled together.
words dont matter.

silence says so much.


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